About Russian Post in Russia

About Russian Post and the branch

Russian Post is a federal postal and logistics operator and the Russian e-commerce logistics market leader. The company is one of the largest employers in Russia: there are 310,000 people working there.
Russian Post is the seventh largest company in the world in terms of the number of customer service offices. The network covers Russia to the maximum extent. Russian Post delivers international shipments to 38,000 post offices (66% of them are situated in scarcely populated areas), courier delivery is available in 11,400 cities and towns.
The company's facilities include its own aircraft, 17,000 vehicles, 600 rail carriages and over 800 logistics facilities in Russia and abroad.

In 2008 Russian Post opened its first foreign branch, it is located in Berlin.

The company in figures

  • 84,2% – the company’s share in cross-border delivery*
  • 2 mln km road routes per day
  • 120,000 couriers and postmen
  • 800,000 sqm of logistics facilities
  • 12 mln website visits per month
  • 6.4 mln mobile app users
  • 130,000 corporate clients
*The share was calculated based on 2021 FCS data

Per year:
  • 1,245,5 mln letters;
  • 334,6 mln parcels;
  • 229,2 mln international parcels.

300 tons of humanitarian aid cargo for medical institutions in Russia, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic were delivered by Russian Post in 2020.
251,000 energy-saving lighting devices are used by Russian Post today.

3 years ago Russian Post launched registered email service. It helped to save:
  • 10,400,000 litres of water;
  • 1,600,000 kWh of electricity;
  • 96,000 litres of fuel;
  • 10,000 trees;
  • 600 tons of paper.

Russian Post employs about 5,000 disabled people.

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