About Russian Post Office in Berlin

Russian Post Office in Berlin is the only official representation of the FSUE Russian Post outside of the Russian Federation. Russian Post Office provides its services to individuals and companies: receiving, shipping and delivery to Russia, for ordinary small parcels and registered small parcels, ordinary parcels and insured parcels as well as cash-on-delivery parcels. Following a major modernisation in 2015, we have relaunched our logistic hub and now maintain an active presence on the European market. Our mission is to ensure fast and reliable delivery of your shipments to the Russian Federation, thus bridging the Russian and European markets.

To ease the collaboration with international corporate clients and to improve delivery times of international shipments, Russian Post has enabled its branch office in Berlin to interact directly with clients and opened its own collecting and sorting facility. Russian Post Office is located in the southern part of Berlin and has a modern, high technology logistic hub spanning over 2.100 sq. m and allowing us to dispatch your parcels to any location in the Russian Federation on a daily basis. For collaboration with our European clients, we have established a wholly owned subsidiary of the FSUE Russian Post: RusPost GmbH. This allows us to provide services to our clients in accordance with European standards.

Throughout its lifetime, the primary mission of Russian Post has been to bring people together. With our Berlin branch, we aim at bringing markets together. Our strategic goal is to present Russian Post on the international market as a modern, client-oriented, efficient, high technology logistics and postal services operator.

For any further questions please contact the customer support desk of Russian Post Office in Berlin:
030 746 83 228
If you call outside of Germany:
+49 30 746 83 228
By e-mail: