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Customs clearance
There are restrictions for the duty-free import of items addressed to individuals in Russia.
When ordering goods abroad with a value of over 1000 euros or weighing more than 31 kg a duty must be paid amounting to 15% of the sum that exceeds the duty-free threshold, but not less than 2 euros per 1 kg that exceeds the established norm.
Important! Until October 1, 2022 the duty-free threshold in Russia temporarily amounts to 1,000 euros. Reason: Decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission dated April 15, 2022 N 59.
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Simplified customs clearance

Russian Post holds an authorized operator status.
A simplified customs clearance procedure is available for shipments to individuals containing goods for personal use purchased through international e-commerce.
Video on simplified customs clearance>>>
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Recipients can pay the duty on the website or in Russian Post mobile application as well as in a post office. The receipt is the basis for payment. The recipient can see the payment amount on Russian Post website.
Upon receipt, passport data and TIN must be specified (for the citizens of Russia). Reason: Order of the Ministry of Finance of Russia dated December 21, 2018 N 279n.

Postal items from/to the EAEU countries are sent without paying customs duties and without filling out the UPU form (customs declaration CN 22 / CN 23, CP 72, E1).

Declaration of commercial lots
The declaration of commercial lots takes place in accordance with the standards established by the EAEU Customs Code and the EEC Board Decisions.
A simplified declaration procedure applies to the sums up to 200 euros (submission of declarations is not required). Duty-free release under the UPU document (CN 22 / CN 23, CP 72 and E1)

Last mile
Russian Post provides maximum geographic coverage on the last mile and delivers international shipments to 38,000 post offices throughout the country. This is the largest logistics network for parcels and letters in Russia. Apart from that, the company delivers international shipments by couriers to 11,400 cities and towns. In addition, Russian Post is currently installing one of the country's largest networks of 5,000 parcel lockers in 37 largest cities. 

Shipments storage
International postal items are stored free of charge in post offices for up to 30 days (Small Packet) and up to 15 days (Parcel).
When the shipment arrives at the post office, the recipient gets a notification in the mailbox and via the mobile application. Text message notification is also available – the option is charged extra.

EMS items delivery includes 2 free delivery attempts. For the recipient’s convenience a notification is sent informing him/her that the shipment is to be delivered soon.

If delivery did not take place or an incorrect number was specified by the recipient, the international shipment is transferred to the post office nearest to the recipient’s place. A mail notification is sent to the recipient as the shipment is at the post office. EMS shipments are stored at post offices for 15 days.

To check an international shipment status, please use Russian Post website tracking or the mobile app available in the App Store and Google Play.

Postal item contents restrictions
Prohibitions and restrictions on the type of international postal items contents are determined by the following documents:
- the Treaty of Bern;
- the Appendices to the Decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission dated April 21, 2015 No. 30 "On the measures of non-tariff regulation";
- the customs legislation of the countries participating in the postal exchange. The list of goods prohibited or restricted for shipment in international postal items to and from Russia is available on the FCS website;

- Appendix to the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union dated August 17, 2010 N 338 "On the features of the transfer of goods in international mail";
Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 100 dated March 8, 2022.

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